How to Optimize Google My Business?

How to Optimize Google My Business?

How to Optimize Google My Business?

Today we are going to talk about Google My Business optimization. Lots of small business owners only claim for GMB business listing but they don’t work on their listing and they lost lots of money.

That’s why today I am going to share with you the best technique to share with you to optimize your Google maps listing.

Before we start optimization let me tell you, first of all, verify your business listing after then you will start your optimization.
Now I will share your best strategy.

Use your Primary keyword in Title and Description

The keyword is playing important role in ranking factor, according to Google ranking factor, when you use your primary keyword in Title and Description then you will increase your 80% chance to get high rankings in Google and Google maps.

Select the Right Specific category and Business Timing

I think you don’t know, Google always shows the result in Google maps based on your business category selection. Google has 2395 category in their listing and you have to select your business category in that list.

Nowadays Google wants to show the accurate result to their users and expect their service provider also provides an accurate result to Google, that is why all business owners have to submit their business opening timing and closing time accurate.

Mention your service area and Business location in GMB

Google always show result based on searches location and Google maps business listing is work on GEO graphic. Google always shows your business listing within your selected service area.

You have to fill up your postal address in GMB because if your customers want to visit your shop and you fill up your right address then your customers easily visit your shop.

Use Google My Business Messaging Tool

Google Messaging tool is an advanced tool of Google maps, and it’s a very useful tool for all business owners to grow their business online with Google.

This tool is useful because of according to reviewtrack survey, 90% of business leads come from text messages and most of the time people don’t want to call you directly to you and they skip your business service and go to other business listings of your competitors.

Here you have an advance setup of the automatic message, you can set up your customized well come message according to your business and need.

Now I will show you how to set up Google My Business Messaging tool.

  • Go to your Google My Business listing dashboard
  • At the left side widget, you will get message option
  • Just click on that message option, install Google My Business app on your mobile phone
  • Setup your automatically message according to your business, when someone texts you, that time they will get this message automatically

I hope now you have got all the knowledge about the Google messaging tool and how to use it.

Now we are going to talk about an important ranking factor of Google My Business, you have to read this section if you want to rank higher on Google maps.

Ask for Valuable Review and Response to their Reviews

Reviews are major ranking factors of Google Maps and reviews are increasing your sales double and triple times within a very short time.

Nowadays peoples are smart, they are read product and service reviews that they want to buy online or offline.

That is why you have to ask for valuable reviews from your previous customers. Reviews are very important for your business because by using previous customer reviews you can easily gain your new customer’s trust.

More Trust = More Sell

For more trust you have to respond to all reviews, no matter reviews are positive or negative.

According to a survey, 58.8% of people more likely visit to that store, which store owners reply to negative reviews with positive intent.

And also reviews are increasing your GMB listing in Google maps.

Final Words:

Google My Business tool is the best tool for local business owners to grow their business online.

Because 7 out of 10 peoples are happy with Google Maps Business and 5 out of 7 peoples visit those shops, which they find on Google Maps.

Still, you are not listed your business on Google Maps then add your business now and grow your business online and increase your business double and triple times.

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